What Does a Man Look For in a Woman? | The 15 Most Attractive Qualities For Men

In today’s article, I am going to tell you the 15 qualities that every man looks for in a woman. I will detail each of the following characteristics.

  1. That attracts you
  2. Make it feminine
  3. That I love him and accept him as he is
  4. That she loves herself
  5. Have character
  6. That is affectionate
  7. Make it smart
  8. Make it independent
  9. Have a sense of humor
  10. That supports you in your goals and dreams
  11. Have your own ideas
  12. Make you feel free
  13. That is not dramatic
  14. Trust her
  15. Who wants to try new things

The perfect woman does not exist, we are all real people with our strengths and weaknesses, but there are a number of key characteristics that every man values when thinking about whether he is going to start a stable relationship with a woman. In today’s article, I am going to talk about the 15 most attractive qualities that every man falls in love with a woman.

Men and women look at different things when looking for a relationship in which to get romantically involved.

There is the idea that the quality most desired by a man is female beauty, at this point in the film no one will be surprised by this, but this quality is necessary but not sufficient to commit to a relationship.

Successful, raw-headed men ages 35 to 50 use different filters. They filter on 3 levels: the physical, mental, and emotional connection.

An investigation was carried out on this topic. The conclusion he drew was that in countries where there is more gender equality, men are not carried away by physical attractiveness or women by economic issues. Men and women agreed on tastes such as intelligence and a sense of humor.

This article tries to solve the question posed: what does a man look for in a woman? When I say the word men, I mean the real ones. Those who are mature and are clear about what they want. Not to insecure men or those who have more childish behaviors who do not know what they want or have a very unstable pattern within their relationships.

So, men in capital letters, what do they look for from women to have a relationship?

QUALITY No. 1: A woman who attracts you:

When I did this survey, some of them at first told me that what they were looking for was that they will trust it, etc. But after a few minutes, they told me that all this is fine but first of all it is that it attracts them.

100% of my men surveyed for this article have told me this quality. Although it is a necessary but not sufficient quality, a man needs to feel attracted and that there is very good chemistry in intimacy with that woman.

Being attractive has in many cases to do with your personality. You don’t have to be the most beautiful person in the place, what you need is to be attracted to and have a passion for her. Let her feel comfortable with her body and pass it on to him.

The difference is that adults, mature men define attraction as the qualities or characteristics that they like in a woman. In contrast, the most insecure or immature men have rigid standards on how she should be their partner that best fits with the canons of current beauty, thinness, etc.

Fortunately, there are many more qualities than just the physical part of a woman that can attract a man. Keep reading!

QUALITY No.2: A woman who is feminine:

A woman who is feminine is one who does not neglect her physical appearance, not for him but for herself. Being feminine also goes hand in hand with having an attitude towards life.

A woman who takes care of herself in all aspects is a woman with self-esteem. There is practicing integral care, taking care of both the mind and the body.

It is not about everything revolving around the sexual issue but if you show your mischievous side and flirt in depending on what situations. It is not about disinhibiting yourself to the point of self-consciousness or that you may appear aggressive or hide your femininity due to prejudice.

Men love the game, it makes you connect with them through action. This way you will get into his mind.

Many women want to conquer a man through words and conversations (what too), but they forget the game and flirt side. Action speaks louder than words!.

It is usual that at the beginning of the relationship in the initial phase, you fix yourself and then you neglect yourself. It is important that you do not lose sight of your self-care, first for yourself, and for keeping the spark in your partner. Relationships require continuous effort not to extinguish the flame of love.

QUALITY No.3: A woman who loves him and accepts him as he is:

This third quality is fundamental for them. One of the things a man hates the most is a woman who is scolding him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They hate a woman who, instead of her partner, looks like her mother. They are looking for a travel companion where they can share, have fun together, and enjoy each other.

The man has to feel loved and accepted by her. He has to feel that they do not want to change him, that she accepts his strengths and weaknesses. In fact, accepting the other as they are should be a fundamental pillar in all relationships and as a counterpoint that he accepts you too.

Many times the woman idealizes the man she is dating, inventing qualities that he does not have and that she would like him to have. Not having them, she begins to want to change him and to demand those things that she had established in her head about him.

When you start dating a man you should ask yourself the following question: do you like him the way he is or do you want to change him? If the answer is that you want to change him, ask yourself why you are with him and if it is what you are looking for in a man if you can live with that characteristic of him that does not attract you so much, accept it and if you think that you really cannot live with that, it is time to ask yourself if you want to continue knowing him.

QUALITY No.4: A woman who loves herself:

Love begins with oneself, there is no more. It happens by loving you and accepting you as you are. If you feel that you do not love yourself, you are going to try to make up for that lack of love by looking for a partner to make up for it. Then you will enter into relationships of emotional dependence, you will need to be with a person so that you do not feel alone. Your choice is from need not from freedom.

Nobody wants to have to pull on their partner to give them the dose of love they lack. If your partner is insecure in the end you will end up getting tired of doing the work of raising his self-esteem with words. It is something that would already have to bring basic. There is nothing more anti-erotic than a lack of self-love. The partner of the person who does not love himself may ask: “If you do not love yourself why should I love you?”

A man wants a woman who loves himself, who is sure of himself, and who respects himself. There is nothing more attractive and inspiring than a woman who exudes confidence when she arrives at a place.

When a woman respects herself, others also respect her. In the end, others treat us as we allow ourselves. A man knows with which woman he can or cannot cross the red line.

In short, a real woman (from humility) who wants to project determination, strength, and security.

QUALITY No.5: A woman who has character:

Men like women with character, not with bad character (which is not the same).
Character and personality are two characteristics that make us unique and that is what defines us as human beings.

For a man there is nothing more attractive (even if it seems the opposite) than a woman who is capable of setting limits, saying no, maintaining her opinion even if everyone is against it, who knows how to make decisions and does not let herself carry by others. You can be on the side of women with character (the good guy) who know what they want or the submissive who is led by everyone except their own instinct and opinion.

These types of women know that they are masters of their life, they will not allow anyone to tell them how they have to live it. They will not let anyone underestimate or disrespect them. They will be willing to leave a relationship if he does not know how to value it. Women with characters know how to face the world and they put it on their heads!

QUALITY No. 6: A woman who is loving:

Having character is not at odds with being loving. Both qualities are important in the right doses.

Being affectionate when you are alone, in privacy is a way to connect with him, it will make him feel loved and valued. You will speak their language of love.

Through a caress, a hug, or a kiss many things can be communicated. There are times when words are unnecessary.

In therapy, many men have told me that their language of love is physical contact, it is the channel they need to get what the other person feels for them. There is a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior magazine, where it reflects that the happiest men in relationships are those who receive more physical contact from their partner.

Men move very well in the language of the physical, so a woman who knows how to fill them in this aspect will immediately feel attracted to her. Physical contact is a very strong bond between two people and makes you feel connected to the other person.

QUALITY No.7: A woman who is intelligent:

Cambridge University professor David Bainbridge says that “intelligence is by far the most attractive quality for men looking for a long-term partner because she is likely to be a responsible mother .”

The interests of men when considering starting a family with a woman go far beyond an attractive physique. They do not value her financial position so much but that she has an academic background similar to theirs.

Men like to be able to talk about different topics with their partners and prefer them to be smart. After all, the purpose of being in a relationship is to grow as a person and to bring you new things that you can nourish and grow with.

Although there are men who have come to tell me that they prefer to be the intelligent part of the couple, in the end, nobody wants to be bored with their partner or have empty conversations. All adults should have interests that we can talk about with our partners.

QUALITY No. 8: A woman who is independent:

According to a study published in the American Journal of Sociology, confident men seek out financially independent women. Nobody wants to feel responsible for the other person, I think it is not attractive to know that you are working and your partner is waiting for you at home. When you both work and go home after a hard day’s work, it’s always interesting to hear what your partner tells you after not seeing you all day.

Each person is free to choose their own life, but from my point of view depending financially on another person is a big mistake, you put yourself in a position of vulnerability and it is like telling yourself that you are not worth it by yourself.

Fortunately, we women work and are financially independent. If you give a man to choose between two women, one dependent and the other independent, it is most likely that he will choose the independent (if he is sure of himself, of course).

In the end, it is about making your choice of a partner from freedom, not from necessity. It is not only about financial independence, but also emotional. Each member of the couple has to have their own space to develop as people and their own space as a couple.

Men are attracted to women who have their own life, their own social circle, and their own hobbies. Men do not want weak women, they want a woman who inspires them, that their life goes beyond having or not having a relationship with him. Without him, that she too has a full and meaningful life.

QUALITY No.9: A woman who has a sense of humor:

Probably one of the most attractive characteristics of a woman is her sense of humor, a virtue that 100% of my men surveyed admire. Also, a study in Men’s Health magazine concludes that men are much more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes and face life with humor.

Other research in Emotion magazine noted that men are more attracted to women who smile regularly. The researchers showed men and women different photos of the opposite sex, in some they were smiling, and in others, they were not. Women preferred men with more serious facial gestures, instead, they preferred women who smiled.

In short, they are looking for a happy, spontaneous, fun woman, with whom they can laugh, make jokes, and make fun of difficult moments. Men adore women who add a fresh and fun touch to their lives. What men are looking for is a travel companion who is happy and sees the bright side of things. They feel that these types of women will make them happier.

QUALITY No.10: A woman who supports you in your goals and dreams:

For a man, it is very important that his partner actively supports him in his dreams and goals. If your man has a purpose in his life it is important that he perceives your support, otherwise, you will lose him.

If a man feels that being by your side wastes his time, has the feeling that you take time away from his purpose, or takes energy from him because of the fights you have, he will not find you attractive in his eyes. He has to feel your support and not divert his mental resources to resolve things in the relationship.

They also find women who have defined goals attractive. Being like that puts you in a very interesting position. You project maturity, determination, and aspiration, qualities that a man looks for when he wants to find a person with whom to share his life in the medium-long term.

QUALITY No.11: A woman who has her own ideas:

For men, women who have their ideas clear and based on their lived experiences and everything they have read are very attractive people.

Confident women who have confidence and security in themselves discuss and share their ideas. There are people who keep quiet about what they think or agree with their partner for fear that he will abandon them or get angry, a shame! In the end, we are what we think and how healthy it is to be able to share what you think with others.

A person who says yes to everything without their own criteria can get you bored. If you don’t agree on something or think differently, you should be able to say it in a mature and open way to your partner.

There was a patient who told me that he was dating a woman who ate very healthy and went to the gym (before meeting him). As my patient did not have exactly good habits, she allowed herself to be infected by him and began to neglect herself, she no longer went to the gym or ate healthily. My patient told me that a decisive point in breaking the relationship was seeing that she abandoned her lifestyle for him.

QUALITY No.12: A woman who makes you feel free:

Freedom is one of the basic principles that human beings need.

Nobody wants to feel like a prisoner in a relationship. There is a metaphor that I love that is: if you put a leash on a dog, it will want to escape. On the other hand, if you let him free without ties, he will curiously stay by your side, he has no need to leave.

People in general and men in particular need to have the feeling of freedom in a relationship. He is by your side voluntarily and because he wants to be, not by imposition or mandate.

QUALITY No.13: A woman who is not dramatic:

The day to day is already stressful in itself to share it with a person who magnifies the problems and makes everything a drama.

Drama can be stimulating as a teenager but when a man wants to settle down he looks for a woman who makes life easier for him, who does not see that in life all are problems.

They want women who know how to handle their emotions and feelings wisely.

QUALITY No.14: A woman you trust:

The fundamental pillar in a relationship is respect. There is nothing more harmful than lies in a relationship. The man needs to trust his partner, that he feels that he is trustworthy, that he has solid values, and that he respects him. Otherwise, that woman will not be taken seriously.

They also expect their partner to trust him. Do not make unnecessary scenes of jealousy, know how to be in different situations, and know how to adapt to different environments.

QUALITY No. 15: A woman who wants to try new things:

There is nothing less attractive than thinking about a boring and unstimulated future with your partner. May your life be summed up in being at home with your partner and working.

In order not to fall into monotony and routine, you have to try new things. Men value the quality of being receptive to doing different things and having a spirit of adventure.

Executive men who travel a lot that a woman has an open mind to try new things are very positive in male eyes. It means that you are passionate about life and you are not satisfied, you want to travel and discover the world with it.

Imagine that I go with my boy to the Caribbean on vacation. He did Kytesurf as a young man and wants to do it again. He encourages you to try it too, if you say yes, he will value it a lot, it means that you are interested in his things and he will feel a great connection with you.

I am looking forward to reading your comments on this topic.

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